Coasters Made from Birch Tree Slice


**Each piece is processed and crafted by hand and no two trees are exactly alike. Because of this the item may vary slightly from the images above. No two products are exactly alike so you will receive your very own unique birch slice coaster with the same image as above hand painted on it.*******
**This PAIR of coaster is made to order, because of that it may take 1-2 weeks to receive your order***

Where to use this item:
These painted coasters is a great addition to any lake house, cabin, cottage in the woods, log home, or any woodland and rustic themed room. Use this item to decorate your home and protect your furniture at the same time. Why not enjoy nature inside by bringing the outside in…

My mother and I hand cut, collect, dry, paint, and varnish each coaster set. We create each set from scratch, collecting the Birch from a relative’s lumber yard. Hand crafted quality work from nature; from Our tree to Your home.

These coasters are approximately 4"-4.5"“ in diameter and each slice is about ½” to ¾” thick.
This stack has cork on the backside to protect your furniture.
All of our birch coaster sets have at least four layers of varnish on each coaster. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your cold or hot drink damaging the hand painted images on the coasters.

Where it is made:
Hand crafted from White New England Birch that is harvested by hand in New Hampshire. This is a New Hampshire made product hand crafted by people who live and work in New Hampshire.

Do Not:
Use this item as a hot plate/trivet for a pot, pan or dish. It will melt the protective layers of varnish. You can use this set of coasters for any hot beverage like coffee or cocoa, it is not for a pan or dish that is warmer than standard drinking temperature.

Custom orders/personalize it:
Make this item even more of a special one of a kind piece by personalizing it. You can personalize these pieces however you would like. You could add a name, date, place, quote, or even certain images.
Create a custom set with up to four different images, just email us with a request.
Please contact us with what you would like to do for your custom one of a kind birch coaster set.

Sale price $11.20 Regular price $14.00 Sale
Sale price $11.20 Regular price $14.00 Sale
Sale price $11.20 Regular price $14.00 Sale
Sale price $11.20 Regular price $14.00 Sale
Sale price $11.20 Regular price $14.00 Sale
Sale price $11.20 Regular price $14.00 Sale