Hands Off Risk Management Tool Key Chain (Set of 3)

Locally Handmade Salem NH

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Material stainless steel Description The idea behind this tool is risk management. This tool uses less then 1% of the surface area that your hand or sleeve would have to open the same door. This tool is easily sanitized unlike a 3D printed tool that has lots of cracks and crevices giving the virus places to thrive. Strong and durable, this Hands Off door opener tool is made of high quality stainless steel that is easily sanitized. Hand wash or toss it into the dishwasher! Use Hands Off to avoid those nasty germs that are prevalent on many publicly used door handles especially restroom door handles, ATM's, Keypads, Etc. Hand made in the USA. The Hands Free is ready use – just slip it onto your key chain and its ready to go. Free Shipping on 10 packs! This stainless-steel Hands-Free tool can open most any weight door and allows you the opportunity to avoid using your hands to open the door, thus helping avoid touching whatever might be lurking on that surface. Our ergonomically use