Funny Soy Candles

Each candle has funny names to make your guests laugh when enjoying the wonderful aroma of these candles made from 100% soy base. 

100% soy candles are made with a wooden wick that add that campfire sound and ambiance to your living room. Feel like you are sitting outside near your campfire in the comfort of your own home.  

B U R N   L O N G E R
Unlike paraffin wax, soy wax burns a LOT slower.
That means the burn time on soy wax candles is doubled!

One of the most underrated discussions about using soy wax is that there are no cancer causing bad chemicals in my candles. When you look at cheap candles made from synthetic waxes, they have been found to have harmful chemicals and burn some pretty nasty stuff into the air. Paraffin candles contain toluene, benzene, and two carcinogenic chemicals just to name a few. That basically means you are lighting up the gas station in the same place that you sleep.

S U P P O R T   L O C A L   F A R M E R S
Many soybeans are grown right in the United States! By buying soy candles, you are supporting the local economy. How cool is that?! We're keeping the local farmers in business and keeping jobs going.

S U P P O R T   L O C A L   C R E A T O R S
Handcrafted in Massachusetts


I T ' S   A   N O   B R A I N E R

While the whole world is focusing on better cleaners and better food, we have to start diving into the little treasures we use around the house or office too! Soy wax candles make a huge difference both in air quality and experience. Make the switch today! Better candles mean better quality. Your lungs, walls, family, pets, and nose will thank you!