32 Ounce Jar Pure Raw Honey

Locally Handmade Salem NH

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Honey shades 

Light-Spring Honey- ( a light sweeter floral note)

Dark-Late summer / Fall (Richer caramel flavor think fall flavors)

"Hello my name is frank. one long winter back in 2016I thought about taking up a new hobby and what's better than becoming a beekeeper with the many and healthy benefits. Learning how to become a beekeeper looked easy and fun. After researching online, watching videos, and talking to local beekeepers I said to my wife "Honey , I'm going to buy some bees ". She just smiled , I ordered two packages of bees; it was time to build myself some beehives!  I'm not your average beekeeper, in my career as a carpenter by trade does have benefits'  If you don't mind a bee sting every now and then, spending time with mother nature while enjoying the amazing taste of raw honey at your fingertips. The name "Soney Bees" started from my son who said,"Dad, take the "H" from honey and replace it with an "S" to get Soney"!That works!