Just Chicken Treats 7 oz (2 Dogs Treats)

Locally Handmade Salem NH

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Our Just Chicken chicken jerky dog treats, your dogs will savor big, generous strips of hand-selected, USDA chicken breast meat.

Our treats are an all-natural and healthy way for you to give your dog a great boost of protein to keep them happy and healthy.

Just Chicken treats are specially made-to-order for your dogs (so you know they are fresh) and will quickly become the highlight of their day.

USDA Cage-Free Chicken Breast. No Preservatives, Hormones or Steroids.


7 oz bag 


Our store dog loves these dehydrated treats.

2 Dogs Treats to provide dogs with healthy, single-ingredient treats using locally sourced ingredients.

they want you to feel great about 2 Dogs Treats too, so they make all of our treats the right way, using all-natural ingredients and no preservatives, just the way you would.

They are passionate about providing the best and healthiest dog treats possible and we promise your dogs will love our made-to-order treats as much as you will love knowing that you are "treating" them right.